Firechief Sentinel 4kg Powder Extinguisher (Man. date 2019)

£122.85 excl.VAT

  • Deep Drawn Body
  • Easy to use handle & lever set
  • Unique Discharge Mechanism combining manual and automatic actuation
  • Easy snap safety seal
  • Two Heat Sensors for guaranteed performance
  • Durable EPDM Rubber Hose
  • Pressure Gauge for easy checking

Model: FSP4

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The world’s first fire extinguisher that’s:

1. A portable fire extinguisher;
2. Takes over firefighting when the fire becomes too big to handle;
3. Turns into a suppression system when no one is around.

Powered by MAP 90 high performance powder this extinguisher takes firefighting to a new level. In the event of a large fire, it allows the firefighter to launch the fire extinguisher in the direction of the flames and move to safety, while the extinguisher automatically activates and extinguishes the flames. When no one is around to detect the fire, this one-of-a-kind extinguisher automatically activates when the temperature rises above 68ºC.